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Quality Policy
Environmental policy
Implement environment protection production , Initiate green culture,
Economize energy and natural resources , Promote science and technology development.

Promises on the environmental policy
  • Shall follow the national and regional environmental protection legal and other requirements;
  • Implement the effective environmental management system, establish the measurable environmental objectives and targets according to the legal and other requirements, implement environment protection production;
  • Take the effective actions and control to the waste water, the waste gas, the waste residue, the noise, and dispose the waste matter effectively and reasonably;
  • Initiate all employees to save the resources and energy, reduce the consumption and the cost, enhance the recycling ratio to the waste matter, achieves the minimized consumption for resource and energy diligently;
  • This environment policy will be transmitted to all employees through the propaganda and education training, initiate green culture, enhance the environmental protection knowledge and the skill to all employees;
  • Promote science and technology development, use gradually the raw material, equipment and production processing technology in favor of the environmental protection, achieves the pollution prevention and continual improvement;
  • This environment policy can be searched on www.nvtpower.com, and seeks the surveillance, understanding and cooperation from the interested parties.
Quality policy
Realize customer's market value with optimal quality is the unremitting pursuit of NVT.

Understanding of the quality policy
  • NVT works hard to produce the high new Science and Technology, the reliable and the perfect quality products and provides the quality service;
  • NVT establishes the outstanding team, encourages the involvement from all employees, innovates and improves the product quality continuously, so as to meet customer requirements.
  • NVT provides the service to all the process based on the consummate technology, gains the recognition and trust from customer;
  • NVT shall be with the more quick reaction to understand the market and the needs as well as the expectations from customer, look for the better, quicker, more accurate management strategy, so as to meet the present and future's requirements and expectations from customer.
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